Latest Updates

Latest Updates

Hi everyone – we’ve finally upgraded Blogtown NZ to the latest version which brings with it lots of improvements, the most noticeable of which is the vastly improved admin area. The main section menus are now on the left side, and you can expand and minimize them as you wish, and the admin section will automatically save the changes you’ve made.

This update also fixes a number of bugs that had been reported, but if you find anything else that isn’t working quite right, please fill out a support request from the admin section of your blog, or send an email to [email protected].

  • alliesrealizations

    Hey guys. this is a super awesome blogging site. would just like to say thanks first of all.
    um. am not sure whether its just me, but when i click on dashboard… to get eitherdashboard or the my blog link… the dashboard link doesnt go anywhere…have to click on my blog to get the dashboard link on the page..

    hope this makes sense and it can be fixed… I can deal wth it, but yeah.

    Allie :)

  • Webmaster

    Hi Allie – thanks for pointing out the bug. This has now been fixed and you should now see the Dashboard correctly when logging in to your blog’s admin section. Happy blogging!

  • 1411griffe

    I am very pleased with the way Blogtown works,thank you. It’s a bit unfortunate that I am not keyboard capable and have to rely on Mrs M to interpret my dictation;but I guess she does her best. Yours truly, Griffe

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