Lots of updates!

Lots of updates!

We have made lots of updates to the site over the last couple of days and I’ll quickly run through some of them now.

First of all, we have finally moved onto the new server and it is performing better than expected. Hopefully you should have all noticed the speed improvements.

As a result of the server move the stats package that we were using wasn’t compatible, so we have removed it from the site, but have implemented a new, better stats package which you can enable by heading into the Plugins section in your admin site. Once activated you’ll see a new menu called “StatPress” which will show you all your blog stats in near real-time.

All bloggers can now upload their own avatar to represent either your blog or your user account. You can find these settings under the user settings or general settings menus in the site admin.

There are more updates to come over the next few days including several new, advanced themes, as well as other new features.

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