Become a Blogtown NZ supporter

Become a Blogtown NZ supporter

Since Blogtown NZ launched, we have provided a great free blogging site exclusively for Kiwis. While we are committed to always providing a free service that anyone in NZ can use, we’ve had lots of requests for additional features such as the ability to turn off the ads that are displayed on blogs, as well as increasing the storage space for photos.

So today we are launching the Blogtown NZ Supporter feature. This enables any blogger to sign up as a Blogtown NZ Supporter and as a Supporter you’ll receive an extra 1GB storage space on the server (10 times more than free blogs) and your blog will no longer display any ads.

Another often requested feature is the ability to use a custom domain name with your blog. We’ve just implemented this feature too and are making it available to our Supporters. There are several other new features in the pipeline which will be made available exclusively to our Supporters.

To become a Supporter, please log in to your Site Admin page and check on the left-hand menu for a section called “Supporter”. It costs just $5 per month to sign up, but if you pay annually then you save $10 by only having to pay $50 per year. Payment is handled through PayPal so you can use your existing PayPal account or any major credit card.

If you have any questions or comments, please raise a support request through your Site Admin, or send us an email to

  • majulahsingapura

    *sighs* there always is a catch, isn’t there? Why can’t there be sites devoted to giving people free stuff with no extra give-us-cash-and-we’ll-give-you-extras type thing?

    Admittedly, I understand the need for such, it just annoys me. Alles gut, just ranting.

  • Webmaster

    If you don’t mind having the ads display on your blog (which we’ve tried to make as discrete as possible) then there is no catch, you can keep using the site for free. But not everyone likes to have ads on their site and some people want more storage for photos – these cost us more money, so if we didn’t charge for it, we would eventually have to close the site. I think that giving people everything they need to start a blog for free, and then just charging those who want extra is probably the fairest we can be.

  • Ian

    Fair enough. Not needed quite yet, but was wondering what to do when I used up my last 25% of MBs. Thanks for the provision.

  • wangbo

    majulahsingapura, what’s there to be annoyed about? I’ve used a number of BSPs in the past, including Blogger, and the service we get for free here at Blogtown is superb, by far the best of the lot.

  • crave4energy


    I have my own domain name.
    I need your DNS server number
    to change from “blogtown domain”
    to my domain.


    David Morris

  • Webmaster

    Hi David, you can get the server’s IP address from your site admin page under the Domain Mapping section.

  • majulahsingapura

    ok… I apologise for my first comment. I was in a bad mood, but that’s no excuse…

    One question though. The RSS feeds don’t work for me, is that because I use Firefox or is it some other reason altogether? Is anyone else having the same problem?

  • gideon

    Following on the heels of the post re the PC Mech course

    I know its going to be a ripper.Its the brain child of David Risley.

    You can visit him at and get an idea of his home page.
    I’ve done his three day blogging course-and now am primed to repeat.

    David is very even and casual,conversational,yet I would lay a dollar down that
    he has done an immense amount of thinking and plain hands on tinkering

    -and really we are very lucky to have him as a resource.He is content rich
    )sometimes he just tosses something off(and you have to grab your notebook and
    scribble to get it-he is never brash,playing at being on camera..just always
    himself.Now PCMech Uni is something he has been thinking about for a long time.

    And I know that the quality of this will be tops.No hype(how rare!)-just straight
    down the line solid content.When you go over yr notes,you realise he has a form and
    shape to the material and you will find some sort of quantum move in learning occurred.

    Make the hot connection to Risley’s download of his wetware.PCMech is going to be great!


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