Upgrade completed

The upgrade to Blogtown NZ went without a hitch and now all users have access to all the new features.

There are now over a hundred themes to choose from and there’s also a new option to preview each theme so that you can see what your blog looks like with the new theme before activating it.

The admin interface has been greatly enhanced and with the most common functions all easily accessible from the dashboard, with notifications about recent comments and other useful information.

Uploading photos has now been made easier with the addition of the improved photo uploading tools in the Write screens.

The upgrade to the site will also allow us to introduce the new premium offerings which will allow users to disable the adverts, or choose to display their own ads, as well as getting increased storage for photos and videos.

As always, please email us if you have any questions.

One thought on “Upgrade completed

  1. Hi!
    Thanks for the upgrade.
    I notice this “Leave a Reply” on this page and on another Blogtown website. How do I get this on my web site? It doesn’t seem to be available as a plug-in or as a Widget from my Admin pages.

    Laurie Chisholm

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