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Latest News »

Some love

October 4th

Blogtown is getting some love... New plugins, new themes, accessibility updates, etc, etc Here are some updates: After the Deadline - After the Deadline uses artificial ...Read More...(1 Comment)

New Sharing Options for all Bloggers

September 12th

We've just enabled a plugin for all bloggers that lets you share your posts with Twitter, Facebook, and a host of other services. You can ...Read More...(2 Comments)

Social networking experiment

September 8th

Hello Blogtowners... you may notice some changes coming to the site at the moment. We're experimenting with some social networking features provided through the Buddypress ...Read More...(1 Comment)

Realtime Updates

March 26th

We've just implemented two behind-the-scenes updates which allows your blog posts to push out updates to compatible services in near-realtime. The two technologies we've implemented ...Read More...(No Comment)

Updated Contact Form

March 25th

We've updated the contact form that you can use on your blogs to allow visitors to send you an email. To use the new contact ...Read More...(No Comment)

Become a Blogtown NZ supporter

July 5th

Since Blogtown NZ launched, we have provided a great free blogging site exclusively for Kiwis. While we are committed to always providing a free service ...Read More...(8 Comments)

Small bug fixed

June 29th

A number of bloggers reported that the Dashboard link in the admin site wasn't working properly when first entering your blog's admin area. The end ...Read More...(2 Comments)

Latest Updates

June 27th

Hi everyone - we've finally upgraded Blogtown NZ to the latest version which brings with it lots of improvements, the most noticeable of which is ...Read More...(3 Comments)

Lots of updates!

April 22nd

We have made lots of updates to the site over the last couple of days and I'll quickly run through some of them now. First of ...Read More...(No Comment)

Server move

March 23rd

Due to the outages on Friday and Saturday, we have moved the Blogtown NZ site back on to the original server while we look for ...Read More...(1 Comment)